Older games

Before I was creating yyrGames for Xbox 360, Steam, and other platforms, I wrote a few old games for DOS and Windows. They're still here.

Please note that the DOS games listed below are 16-bit applications and WILL NOT run under 64-bit versions of Windows. You may be able to run them in modern 32-bit versions of Windows but I haven't tested them anytime lately.

A collection of arcade-style card games, inspired by Merit MegaTouch (tm) machines. If this sounds like my current title CardArcade, that's because CardArcade is essentially a remake of MegaClick, with HD graphics and more refined features. But you can have this old one for free. Requires 800x600 resolution, 16-bit color and Windows 98 or higher. Tested and working on Windows 7 x64.

Click here to download the Windows version (7.1 MB).
Click here to download the older MegaClick-3 for Windows (3.6 MB). This version runs at 640x480 resolution, if that's your sort of thing.
Click here to download the old DOS version of MegaClick-3 (96 KB). Like all 16-bit DOS programs, it does not run under 64-bit Windows.

Snake360's predecessor. Features 30 levels, co-op play, a level editor and a few unlockable surprises. If you want more info you can peek here at the very long-winded--and very old--original Nibbles2 Web page. Made for DOS, but also runs on 32-bit Windows.

Click here to download (152 KB).

The only one of these old games that I haven't remade yet (stay tuned). It's a head-to-head one-dimensional tank battle dressed up as a fighting game. Not a lot of depth, but at one point I was pretty proud of it. Want to know more about it? The overly verbose info is right here, including a complete FAQ that I sat on for 9 years before finally uploading it towards the end of December 2015. Made for DOS, but also runs on 32-bit Windows.

Click here to download (156 KB).