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Nibbles2 is a direct sequel to Nibbles, a 1990 Microsoft game included with the popular QBASIC programming environment. Nibbles featured Sammy, a yellow snake whose goal was to collect the number targets 1 through 9, and Jake, a purple (?) snake who shared the same goal and could work cooperatively with Sammy to accomplish the task.

Ten years later, Nibbles has returned! Nibbles2 includes both classic and unique features:

Download the game! (152K)

This is the full game and is not a demo version. As promised, Nibbles2 became free when I graduated.

Note: if running under Microsoft Windows, please press ALT-ENTER to switch to full-screen mode before beginning play. Running Nibbles2 in a window will not be a very entertaining experience.

Nibbles2 is freeware and may not be sold. You may not sell Nibbles2 as part of a CD-ROM collection or on a pay download site, or in any other "bundled" manner. The only way Nibbles2 should be distributed is person-to-person or through other free electronic means.


  • For best control, TAP arrow keys rather than HOLD them. The game uses standard input routines and holding a key will confuse them.
  • Number targets will NEVER appear in places where they would be touching a wall or other obstacle (including yourself) before level 16. This also applies to all user-created levels.
  • In minefield levels, or levels containing randomly-placed mines, mines will NEVER be placed next to another mine (touching), the outer wall, or in the same row Sammy begins on. This means you can always "hug the wall" and not ever be in danger of hitting a mine.
  • When designing levels, keep in mind you will not be allowed to play your levels until there is room for a player to start and no portion of the level is blocked off. If you save a level in either of these states it will be skipped over.
  • Master the 180-degree turn. This can be done by pressing two arrow keys quickly so Sammy turns around in exactly two frames of game animation. It's not overly difficult to do, and will prove useful in many places.
  • Towards the end, the levels will become more difficult, but all can be completed with TIMING. Timing is the most important skill in the game. Know when to turn. Keep practicing!

    Known Bugs/Issues

    - On some machines (seems to happen more under Windows NT/2000/XP), sound effects may cause slowdown while playing. The only workaround is to turn sound off in the Options menu. Sorry!

    - Turning on the hidden Stage Select feature, then playing user-created levels may cause the game to crash. Specifically, if you try to select a level that doesn't exist, you'll get a Nibbles2 error message and the game will quit.


    The single biggest clue to the cheats I can give you is this: look at your telephone. Also, listen to what the game tells you when you enter a number that is not a valid cheat.

    Keeping this in mind, I'd like to begin by talking about our weird lives. Each stage can be so free, except when the clock is ticking and the debug process is so hard you just want to say "Owwww!" I'm not paid enough money for this abuse; 57695 dollars wouldn't even be enough. I'd rather just watch TRON.

    All right, all right. If you give up, and would like to see a complete list of the cheat codes, click here.

    Q & A

    Q: What language was Nibbles2 programmed in?
    A: Like all of my other free-time Pseudopod projects, it was programmed in QBasic. QBasic is actually a halfway-decent language for this sort of thing, if you can handle struggling with a limit of 64K for compiled code...

    Q: Are you STILL programming in QBasic?
    A: My final QBasic project was DUEL: Shadow of the Darksiders Ver. C. I am now finished with QBasic, with the exception of the occasional "let's just do this quick."

    Q: I've seen this game (or one like it) before. Are you a ripoff artist?
    A: No! As you can see, I'm not asking money for this. Plus, there are definite differences in my version of the game. I did this mostly for 1) programming experience and 2) fun: my fun, as well as the fun others can have playing this! If you want to see somebody trying to make money off of someone else's ideas, check out Snood...

    Q: Will you ever convert Nibbles2 Gold Edition and post it here?
    A: I have no plans to release a PC version of Nibbles2 GE. Nibbles2 GE had a successful run in the Pseudopod, but the options and features added to the PC version of original Nibbles2 (such as the options menu and cheat codes) would make it very difficult to make while keeping those features intact (see above about the 64K limit). For those who didn't see GE, it featured 2-player simultaneous co-operative play, a 2-player simultaneous battle mode, and a new 1-player survival mode. By the way, the additional features in Nibbles2 GE are things I have planned for the upcoming Nibbles3d, so you'll see them (eventually).

    Q: What other projects are you going to be working on?
    A: I discuss them on my games page.

    Q: You look like you have some good ideas, and I'd like to hire you as a game programmer! What do I do?
    A: PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail me!!! I'd love to work for you.

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