I got hacked =(

If you're seeing this, it's possible that you just tried to go to yyrgames.com. Well, this is a temporary page I put here to explain what happened.

First off: if you were expecting a LinkedIn login page...you've been scammed! In the future, before clicking on an e-mail link, you should check the link address first, to make sure it goes where it says it'll go. yyrgames.com is absolutely not linkedin.com, after all! So please, be careful!

As for what caused this...a critical vulnerability in Drupal 7--the technology on which this site was built--was discovered about 2 months ago. A security update was quickly released, and I was sent an e-mail letting me know that I should install it as soon as possible.

And then...I sat on it. My IT job has been absolutely insane, preparations for a baby have been going on at home, and every day has been exhausting. I figured that nobody was interested in hacking me anyway.

But computers do not discriminate, and yyrgames.com was affected by an automated attack. The attacker installed a fake LinkedIn login page, then began circulating phishing e-mails directing victims there. Days later, yyrgames.com was shut down...as it well should have been.

I'm going to take my time and do this the right way, by rebuilding the site from an old backup. This will ensure that no backdoors remain. It may take a little while, so please look forward to it. In the meantime, here are links to my two most recent game releases:

Super Multitasking on Steam: my most unique concept ever. Try playing up to 4 continuously-shuffling minigames at once, using just a single controller or keyboard. For Windows, coming soon for Mac.
Falling Plus on itch.io: My 80s throwback game is an action-packed puzzle featuring Peppy the Penguin and Wally the Walrus. For Windows and Mac.